Puukirjaimet ja -numerot

Intialaisista taloista kierrätetyt puukirjaimet, -numerot ja -merkit alkuperäisin värein.

Indonesialaisista kalastusveneistä uuden elämän saaneet värikkäät kirjaimet, numerot ja merkit.

With small and colorful boats Indonesian fishermen still fish in the same way they have been doing for centuries. When old boats are worn out and beyond repair the fishermen build new boats following the same old traditions. The wood from the old boats is bought and used to make wooden letters, numbers, figures and a whole range of furniture. With the original paint the different items come in a variety of colours. The old wood is starting a second life as a new product that doesn´t harm the environment. At the same time, each sold product is supporting local craftsmen in Indonesia earning an income.